What is Nabers

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System - measures an existing building's environmental performance during operation. NABERS rates a building on the basis of its measured operational impacts - these may include energy, water, waste and indoor environment. These environmental indicators and the associated measurement techniques have been the subject of extensive search and deliberation, drawing on international and local expertise.


Nabers Energy


NABERS Energy rating tools for offices, previously known as the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR) was launched in 1998. NABERS Energy assists owners and tenants to reduce energy use, costs and greenhouse emissions. It benchmarks a building's greenhouse impact on a scale of one to five, one star being the most polluting and five stars, the least.

Nabers Water


NABERS Water measures the water consumption of an office building on a scale of one to five stars, reflecting the performance of the building relative to the market, from least efficient (one star) to best practice (5 star). Two and a half star is the current market average.


Nabers Indoor

Indoor Environ web

NABERS Indoor Environment rating for offices allows you to compare the indoor environment performance of your office to other similar buildings, and the first step in managing the buildings impact on its occupants.

QV1 Annual Planned Power
Shutdown - Carbon Offset

In continuing with QV1’s commitment to sustainability, the emissions generated by the diesel used in the Annual Planned Power Shutdown are carbon off set.

Throughout the course of the day, the on site generators use approximately 8,000 litres of diesel fuel which is the equivalent of 23.2 tonnes of Greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon credits are purchased through Climate Friendly


What is Carbon Credit?

carbon credit

Carbon Credits represent a reductioin of Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere.

Carbon credits represent a reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. For the QV1 Annual Planned Power Shutdown, this is the perfect project to take advantage of offsetting the emissions with Climate Friendly.

By purchasing the carbon credits for our generator testing, we are assisting with the transition to a clean energy future.

QV1 is proud to be continuing our strong commitment to a greener world.

QV1 Plaza