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As part of QV1’s commitment to improve water efficiency and operate sustainably, QV1 has elected to participate in the Waterwise Office Program run by the Property Council of Australia, City of Perth and Water Corporation. Under the program, QV1 has been awarded the Silver category for efficient water usage. 

The Waterwise Office Program is a voluntary initiative which offers water consumption performance benchmarks allowing us to assess the building’s water efficiency and make comparisons against other large scale commercial business’ in Western Australia. This program also assists in identifying opportunities to reduce operating costs such as sewerage charges and other costs associated with heating, pumping and treating water.

The program requires QV1 to sign a letter of commitment to complete a Water Management Plan within 3 months of joining the program, set targets to improve water efficiency and to provide annual feedback on actions taken as part of the Water Management Plan.

Participants of the Waterwise Office Program are assessed annually to quantify efficiency and awarded according to the efficiency category that they have achieved. To be recognised as a Waterwise Office the building owner must demonstrate water consumption efficiency at a minimum of the bronze industry benchmark (0.86kL/m2NLA/year for a water-cooled building). All efficacy benchmarks were determined by HFM Asset Management who undertook an extensive review of water use in 97 office buildings within the Perth and West Perth CBD to determine industry averages and set standards for best practice.

QV1’s Silver category award is based on 2014/2015 data with water consumption falling between 0.61 and 0.75 kL/ m2NLA / year. Through water saving initiatives, QV1 has saved up to 15 million litres of water. To put this in perspective, this equates to approximately 6 Olympic swimming pools above the bronze industry benchmark.

Please see our tips below on how you can continue this wonderful work and reduce your environmental footprint:

  • If you are the last person to leave the floor, please switch off ALL of the lights.
  • Turn off your computer and monitor at the end of each day.
  • Use the correct recycling bins when disposing of materials. QV1 can supply additional recycling and waste bins if required. 
  • Use a resuable coffee cup and reusable drink bottle instead of takeaway cups and plastic bottles 
  • Set your printer defaults to print double sided and select on sided printing only when required
  • Think before you print - do you really need a hard copy?
  • Reduce font size to decrease the amount of paper required
  • Print only the pages you need by selecting the required area
  • Always use carbon-neutral paper

Thank you to all of our tenants for your contribution in helping QV1 become a more water efficient work place.  Please continue to keep water efficiency in mind and implement any water saving ideas that you have within your tenancy.

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