The Lost Art of Listening

The Lost Art of Listening
The Lost Art of Listening

20 October 2015 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Level 2, QV1 Conference Centre - Function Room 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

We live in an extraordinarily fraught and complex world where overload and overwhelm have become the norm. Being the clever creatures we are, we have developed habits to cope and survive. For example, we quickly make assumptions about what is being said before really processing and seeing what is behind it. This often causes us to ‘thoughtlessly’ react in an instant.

This series of presentations by Caroline Harry, Caroline & Associates, takes you behind the scenes of communication & relationships to examine what is really happening during our interactions with others. The insights you gain will help you short-circuit your less useful habits, and add richness to your relationships with others through mindful conversations.

Ever heard (or said) the phrases “you never listen!” or “you don't understand!”?  Most of us are crying out to be heard, validated and appreciated – but others misinterpret this as ‘agreed with’ or ‘approved of’ and they avoid going there.  Instead of listening to really understand the other person’s perspective, we listen waiting for the space to get in and say ‘our bit’!  While the other person is talking, we are crafting our response  - all the while nodding and saying empty phrases like “I hear what you’re saying” or “I understand where you are coming from”.  This approach assumes that we are the only ones with something of value to say and we miss the gifts and richness of other contributions.  There is a way out of this and, surprisingly it can save time!


Please RSVP to with your desired session. These sessions are entirely complimentary for QV1 tenants.

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