Exploring New Technology for Enhancing Performance

Exploring New Technology for Enhancing Performance
Exploring New Technology for Enhancing Performance

24 November 2015 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

QV1 Conference Centre 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

We live in a fraught and complex world where overload and overwhelm have become the norm. Being the clever creatures we are, we have developed habits to cope and survive. For example, we quickly make assumptions about what is being said before really processing and seeing what is behind it. This often causes us to ‘thoughtlessly’ react in an instant.

This series of presentations by Caroline Harry, Caroline & Associates, takes you behind the scenes of communication & relationships to examine what is really happening during our interactions with others. The insights you gain will help you short-circuit your less useful habits, and add richness to your relationships with others through mindful conversations.

Session 4: “Exploring New Technology for Enhancing Performance”

Your brain is capable of optimal functioning and growth (neuroplasticity), but when your central nervous system (CNS) is off kilter, your brain operates inefficiently. While trauma and other challenging life events can impact our CNS, one of our major challenges today is the stress caused by information overload, complex personal lives, ever more demanding workplaces, long hours, cases of PTSD, and, conflicting demands/unrealistic expectations of our organisations. We are noticing more and more the effect of stress on performance in business – particularly in the area of communication and relationships.

As many coaches and trainers are noticing, a large part of their work is helping their clients manage stress – and there are many useful paths to this including mindful practices, self-care (physical and mental) and redesigning lifestyle. Technology is also playing its part in offering new choices to support balance, growth and change. Neurofeedback systems, brain games (Luminosity, Brain HQ from Posit Science) and other systems are being offered to help enhance performance. Many of you may have seen Todd Sampson on television recently experimenting with some of these and achieving extraordinary outcomes.

Caroline Harry will share her experience using one of these systems over the last three years with great success alongside her coaching practice. NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is a very specific form of neurofeedback based on non-linear dynamic complex systems. Humans are a marvellous example of a complex system and the good news is that (given the right information) the brain can transform itself effortlessly. With NeurOptimal, the expertise is in the software – making powerful and safe transformation accessible for everyone. Using a support system like this can help a client move into the space where they can consciously make appropriate changes in their life.


Please RSVP to concierge@qv1.com.au with your desired session. These sessions are entirely complimentary for QV1 tenants. 

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