Barbagallo Maserati Exhibition

Barbagallo Maserati Exhibition
Barbagallo Maserati Exhibition

01 February 2016 7:00 am - 05 February 2016 6:00 pm

QV1 Lobby 250 St Georges Terrace

Barbagallo Maserati will have a range of cars on display in your lobby for a limited time only. The first model is the new Maserati Ghibli, powered by a range of advanced turbo V6 engines including a V6 turbodiesel engine and an all-new 8-speed automatic transmission. Underpinned by Maserati's distinctive mix of performance and style, the Ghibli will make you feel as confident in your decision as you'll feel behind the wheel.

Barbagallo will also have the Quattroporte available for viewing. With its 330 hp entry-level engine it delivers refined luxury paired with an unmistakably sporty personality. This is obvious at first glance: Muscular lines and charismatic forms meet elegant contours, that envelope a generous interior where in the finest traditions of Italian craftsmanship, only the highest quality materials are used.

The final model will be the GranTurismo. This car succeeds in combining unrivalled class and elegance with uncompromising sports performance like no other four-seater car. The external lines exude dynamic tension and sporting prowess from every vantage point: starting from the large oval mouth that surrounds the radiator grille, the bodywork seems to hug the car’s mechanical structure all the way to the rear, like a tight dress over curvaceous hips.

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