100 Miniatures Exhibition - Vitra

100 Miniatures Exhibition - Vitra
100 Miniatures Exhibition - Vitra

14 March 2019 7:00 am - 27 March 2019 6:00 pm

QV1 Lobby 250 St Georges Terrace

An exhibition of miniatures - 100 Classical Seats
Presented by Living Edge

No piece of furniture has attracted the attention of designers, architects and artists alike as has the chair. The chair is closely related to the shape of the human body, it is the depiction of our body and has arms, legs, feet and a back. The chair has assumed a key role in the history of design – as an experimental object, as the motor driving new developments forwards and as an icon. It has long since advanced from being an everyday utilitarian object to attain the status of an artistic event.

Chairs provide us with information on social connections, on the age in which they were created as well as on those manners of sitting which are considered exemplary. In this exhibition, the chairs are considered not as isolated phenomena but are placed firmly in their cultural and historical context.

In this exhibition, 100 miniatures of classical seats convey the significance of design and the role it plays in the industrial production process. These classical chairs, exact 1:6 replicas of the originals, are presented on plinths in an elegant installation.

The Exhibition will be open for public viewing between 7am and 6pm from Monday to Friday.

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